Saturday, June 24, 2006

Autumnal sadness?

snowball001, originally uploaded by Emiko Hime.

This is a deep, deep look that's hard to describe

Shih Tzu Statue

Shih Tzu Statue, originally uploaded by The Orange Prince.

Not all Shih Tzus are real

Some of them are merely figments of our imagination

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kuk Kik shares his Shih Tzu wisdom

This look of wisdom

Bespeaks of long hours

In the kitchen

Staring at chicken, pork, or beef

Shih Tzu Fu Fu encounters a pork ball on the long windy road of life

Shih Tzus waiting eagerly for sweet jackfruit

This is a spiritual activity for Shih Tzus

For whom the soul may reside largely in the stomach

Bingo the German Shepherd looking enviously at a Shih Tzu, is he just hungry or does he want to become one

Shih Tzu Tongue Monster in a blur

Fu Fu Shih Tzu barbecue thief

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mother of all Shih Tzus Fah closeup and personal

Fah dressed up and ready to go out to eat (allowed in Chiangrai restaurants)

Bukbui serious dog, Shih Tzu old beyond his years

Shih Tzu nose to ground sleeping (Fang)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shih Tzus with tongues hanging out all the rage this season

pingpongpanting, originally uploaded by Pack of Wild Shih Tzus.

Is it a fashion statement?

Plain old happiness?


Or the need to free the breathing passage of the tongue?

Shih Tzu caught looking for meat in the barbecue

fufuincharcoal2, originally uploaded by Pack of Wild Shih Tzus.

Is that guilt and remorse

Or just an ordinary meat obsession in his eyes?

Fu Fu the Shih Tzu playing in the charcoal

fufuincharcoal1, originally uploaded by Pack of Wild Shih Tzus.

He looks disoriented and dirty.

He should be.

He's just had his head in the barbecue (cold)

Looking for meat.